• Student Cards: Building Relationships

    Student Cards: Building Relationships

    Each month the RAMPED team will deliver a positive message or statement to every student at each campus. These affirmation statements will be shared on a card, bookmark, or sticker that will be handed out by RAMPED staff and regular school-day staff. How can a simple card make such an impact? Affirmation cards are a reminder to encourage positive thinking and create a sense of self-worth. It allows for the brain to rewire to connect and empower confidence to create a psychological truth about oneself. It’s a visual reminder to inspire, motivate, and uplift. Just like we exercise our muscles to strengthen them, we use affirmations to strengthen our brain and slowly those positive thoughts become our reality. These cards/bookmarks might also deliver reminders of self-care to manage stress and increase energy, which promotes positivity as well. Last month during the first few weeks of school students were given a “You Matter” affirmation card. This month secondary students will receive a bookmark with tips for prioritizing mental health. Elementary students will receive an affirmation sticker.

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