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Mr. Kramm

Welcome! Hopefully, this school year we will not only have normalcy but a sense of belonging.   It is my second year at KCJH and my hope is that it is a fulfilling one for students, teachers, and parents! I am truly excited to have you in my 6th grade Science class and look forward to getting to know each of you! :) 

About me...

I was born in San Antonio and raised in Somerset, Tx. I graduated from Somerset in 2005 and quickly left for basic training in the US Navy, where I spent seven of the best years of my life.  After transitioning back to civilian life, I worked at Southwest Research Institute as a Fluid Dynamics Technician in Div. 18 for about four years.  I attended Our Lady of the Lake University and graduated in 2020.  My first teaching position was biology at Holmes High School, where I taught primarily freshmen. I am a proud father to my one and only daughter, Audrey, who is seven. My wife, Rachel, helps me stay grounded in reality.  Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you will contact me if you have questions.  

  • To contact me, you can call 830-780-6400 or email me at

8:00 - 8:45        1st period:  6th Science
8:48 - 9:38        2nd period: 6th Science
9:41 - 10:27      3rd period: Conference
10:30 - 11:16    4th period: Technology I
11:20 - 11:50    Lunch
11:54 - 12:24    Excellence period
12:27 - 1:13      5th period: 6th Science
1:16 - 2:02        6th period: 6th Science
2:05 - 2:51        7th period:  6th Science
2:54 - 3:40        8th period:  Enrichment


    Below is a brief overview of our 6th grade science curriculum as expected, schedules may change according to unforeseen circumstances or events.  


    Unit 01:  Investigating Chemicals

    Unit 02:  Investigating Properties of Matter

     2ND NINE WEEKS:  

    Unit 03:  Investigating Force and Motion

    Unit 04:  Investigating Energy Resources and Transformations


    Unit 05:  Investigating Thermal Energy

    Unit 06:  Earth Materials

    Unit 07:  Investigating Plate Tectonics

     4TH NINE WEEKS:  

    Unit 08:  Investigating the Solar System

    Unit 9:  Investigating Taxonomic Groups

    Unit 10:  Investigating Ecosystems