• STOPit Anonymous Reporting System

    STOPit is made possible on behalf of funding from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).  Karnes City ISD was awarded almost $400,000 in STOP School Violence Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools Progrm grant funds in 2018 and 2019.  

    STOPit allows individuals to anonymously report safety, misconduct, or compliance concerns to help others or connect with someone to help themselves.  The system includes an App that students download to their smartphones which enables them to make an anonymous tip any time of the day, any day of the week.  The tip is automatically forwarded to district and campus staff which are able to address the issue immediately.  A tip can include anything from potential violence to bullying to self-harm.  The App also has the capability of allowing student sto attach a picture or screenshot if necessary.  The system is 100% anonymous.

    2018 STOP Grant Goals (Category 5) 

    Goal 1). Establish a multiple disciplinary threat assessment team. 

    Goal 2). Define prohibited and concerning behaviors.  

    Goal 3). Create a central reporting mechanism. 

    Goal 4). Determine the threshold for law enforcement intervention. 

    Goal 5)Establish Assessment Protocols. 

    Goal 6). Develop risk management options. 

    Goal 7). Create and promote safe school climates.  

    Goal 8). Conduct training for all stakeholders. 


    2019 STOP Grant Goals (Category 7) 

    Goal 1). Create a central reporting mechanism.

    Goal 2). Conduct training for all stakeholders.