• Every child deserves an education, and the Special Education Services department is dedicated to providing child-centered programming options accessible to all children regardless of race, gender, economic status, physical, emotional or cognitive abilities.
    We empower students by preparing them for future education, employment and independent living opportunities. We do this through the development of academic and social-emotional skills.
    Special Education is a supplementary program that addresses the provision of a free and appropriate education to students with special needs, including students with a variety of disabilities requiring additional services or assistance in order to make educational progress. Federal and State legislation define the specific disabilities to be served and the services provided to eligible students.

    The TEA Strategic Action outlined 10 new statewide networks beginning with the 2019-2020 school year. TEA is inviting stakeholders to provide suggestions and ideas about these new networks. Please visit TEA's website to view informative videos about the networks and complete surveys giving your input about the new statewide networks. The videos and surveys for each statewide project are under the Input and Feedback heading on the page.

    The videos provide an overview of the 10 statewide networks outlined in the Special Education Strategic Plan. Each video is approximately five minutes long and provides a brief explanation of the purpose of the respective network, the needs the network will address, and the potential products and services that may result from the network.