• Dyslexia Services

    Karnes City ISD utilizes Take Flight and Reading by Design as our Dyslexia Curriculum. Our Dyslexia Program uses a structured, sequential, explicit approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing skills as an intervention for learners identified with dyslexia. Additional components to the program support comprehension and fluency. Dyslexia classes are pull-out classes offered for students identified with dyslexia, through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

  • Dyslexia Fact Sheet

  • Special Programs (All Grade Levels) The district provides special programs for gifted and talented students, students who are homeless, students in foster care, bilingual students, migrant students, emergent bilingual students, students diagnosed with dyslexia, and students with disabilities. The coordinator of each program can answer questions about eligibility requirements, as well as programs and services offered in the district or by other organizations. A student or parent with questions about these programs should contact:

    Karnes City ISD 

     Lisa Moczygemba

    lmoczygemba@kcisd.net 830-780-2321