Board Election 2023
  • We are deeply grateful to the Karnes City community for participating in the recent bond referendum. With the unofficial results indicating a passage, we are eager to begin the next phase of enhancing our educational facilities. This milestone is just the beginning, and we are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. Stay tuned to this page for official updates, detailed plans, and timelines as we move forward together. Your continued support and involvement are crucial as we embark on this exciting journey to enrich the learning environment for our students.


    Karnes City ISD Bond Summary.


    Karnes City Independent School District has proposed a 16,868 square foot Career and Technical Education (CTE) facility for consideration in the upcoming vote. As 95% of KCHS students engage in at least one CTE course, the demand far exceeds our current capacity. This expansion is driven by the rising demand for CTE courses. The goal is to better utilize classroom spaces tailored to these programs and to streamline traffic flow for more efficient student movement. Alongside this, KCHS is set to upgrade the current CTE spaces.

  • Bond Development Timeline:

    • 2019-2020: Partnership with LWA Architects resulted in a comprehensive facility analysis for KCISD.

    • 2021-2022: The Strategic Planning Committee, consisting of students, parents, staff, and community members, mapped out a strategic 3-5 year plan, emphasizing facility enhancements.

    • 2022-2023: The Facility Advisory Committee convened to assess district needs, prioritize projects, and understand bonding implications.

    • August 14: The Board of Trustees meeting led to the official call for a bond election to finance the first step of the strategic plan.


    Prompting Factors for the Bond:

    1. Increased student engagement resulting in a lack of adequate space.

    2. Modernizing outdated equipment, especially in Agricultural Science and Culinary sectors.

    3. Rapid growth of CTE classes.

    4. Evolving educational standards require more specialized spaces.

    5. Enhancing student experiences and reducing waitlists for popular programs.


    Projected Developments:

    • Construction of a CTE building encompassing:

      • Agriculture Science Classrooms and Fabrication Shop

      • Horticulture and Floral Classroom

      • Culinary Classroom

      • General Classroom

    Tax Impact Overview:

    1. Homeowners over 65 with a "Homestead Exemption" will remain unaffected by tax increases as long as no major improvements are made to their homes.

    2. Despite a $15 million Bond approval, homeowners are expected to see a decreased total tax bill compared to the previous year.


    Notable Mention: The significant contribution of Oil & Gas / Industrial sectors, covering 97% of the $15 million Bond.


    Bond Financing Breakdown:

    • Single Family Residences: 1% of the $15 million Bond ($150,000).

    • Oil & Gas / Industrial: 97% of the $15 million Bond ($14,550,000).

    • Homeowners Over-65 with Homestead Exemption: No tax increase, provided no improvements are made.




Downloadable 2023 Bond Information.

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