• Learn from Home Daily Schedule

    (keep in mind this is only an example)

    Before 9:00 - eat breakfast, brush teeth, make bed, get dressed

    9:00 - Academic Time (Reading, Math, Writing) 

    10:00 - Outdoor Recess (scavenger hunts, chalk, bike riding, etc)

    11:00 - Academic Time (Reading, Math, Writing); if there's extra time you can fit in household chores

    12:00 - Lunch

    1:00 - Quiet Time (read a book, rest, perfect time for parents to get their own things done around the house)

    2:00 - Creative Time (bake, paint, science experiments, coloring, drawing) 

    3:00 - Outdoor Recess

    4:00 - Academic Technology (log into your Clever accounts to access many online learning tools)

    5:00 - Family Time (games, back outside, walking)

    6:00 - Dinner

    7:00 - Free TV Time

    8:00 - Prepare for bedtime (brush teeth, read)

    Anytime after 8:30 - bedtime (whatever fits the needs of your family)