• Membership of the Karnes City High School Chapter of the National Honor is earned by the effective demonstration of four qualities held in high esteem by the Society.

    1) Scholarship: commitment to learning and academic diligence.

    2) Character: demonstration of reliability, honesty, and sincerity.

    3) Leadership: being a wholesome influence on the school and serving as a role model.

    4) Service:  commitment to work for the benefit of those in need.

  • Procedures for admittance:

    1) At the beginning of each spring semester a grade-check is completed by the campus PEIMS coordinator.

    2) Those students identified as eligible per their grades are invited to apply to the NHS.

    3) The teachers of those students who submit an application to the NHS are then asked to evaluate the student according to their observations of the four qualities of an NHS member.

    4) A campus committee (consisting of the NHS advisor, faculty members, administrators and counselors) then reviews each application and teacher evaluation to decide admission to the NHS.

  • The NHS Pledge

    I Pledge myself to uphold

    The high purposes of the National Honor Society

    To which I have been selected.

    I will be true to the principles

    For which it stands;

    I will be loyal to my school

    And will maintain and encourage

    High standards of Character,

    Scholarship, Leadership and Service.