• Dear parents,

    First grade is going to make a change in our homework. Instead of a spelling packet that is worked on each night, we will be focusing our last 9 weeks on Fluency. Fluency is the ability to speak or read easily and accurately.

    The students will get 2 short stories that are to be practiced each night. The goal of fluency is to read all of the words in the story in 1 minute, but also to comprehend or understand what the story is about. You can help your child by listening to them read and by setting a timer. You can also record the time each night so they can hopefully see the progress from night to night. The first story should be an easy read. The second should be a little more challenging. The goal is to read more words each day even it is an easy read for your child.

    We have some Words to Know that should also be practiced each night. 

    Please sign each night as we did before.

    On Wednesday the student is to answer the questions on the back. Part of the homework is to test their comprehension by retelling or writing a short sentence stating the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

    Don’t forget to review their Spelling each night. You won’t see the packet as we sent before. We will review the words in class and in their work stations. They will still have a test on Friday.  

    Please let your teacher know if you have any questions about the changes. We are looking for independent readers who are understanding what they are reading. 

    Remember to Read, Read, Read and go over the spelling words EVERY DAY!

    The First Grade Teachers




    Spelling Words

    Bossy R-or













     High Frequency Words:

    night, better, far, also, ready

     Go over Spelling Every Night

    Read 20 minutes every night 

    Having your child repeat reading a story will build fluency and word recognition. Please repeat stories 2-3 times a night when reading.

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