Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Veronica Patton

I am a proud graduate of Karnes City High School and I graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and I am certified EC- 5th. I started teaching in 1999 and have taught 1st grade and Kinderdergarten.  I now have the position of intervention teacher, working with small groups of students on specific skills. My favorite part of teaching is watching a student get excited about the reading process.  I share their excitement and am so glad to be a part of their learning. 

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  • Here are a few skills we are working on in Kinder: rhyming, letter/sound recognition, clapping syllables and decoding simple word like cat, pan, mat ect. These are called cvc words. 

    rhyming -can be practiced anywhere by simply saying a word and giving another word that has the same ending sound. Like when your in the car, you can say tree , me. bee or car, star jar.

    letter and sound recognition - can be practiced anywhere. Have them notice letter or words as you drive or go into stores like WalMart. Even recognizing words like HEB and McDonald's is recognizing environmental print and that helps the child know that those letters go together to make a word.

    clapping syllables - can be practiced anywhere . If your sitting at the table, say the words of the things you see, like table then clap it, napkin, chair, hamburger.

    decoding simple words - make a set of flashcards out of sticky notes and write the letters we have practiced. c,a,t, m, p,n,i,o,s. Please use lowercase.

    Then simply put the three sticky notes together and have your child sound out the words. Like - c   a   t     change the c to s and make sat

    change the a to i and  make sit     change the t to p and make sip.


    In first grade here are a few skills we are working on : visuallization, predicting, and inferencing and comprehension.

    visualization- is having your child make a picture in their mind. Ask them to close their eyes and imagine they are at the beach. Have them open their eyes and ask them what they saw at the beach. How did it smell or feel?

    predicting - is thinking of what something is about or what might happen next. This can simply be practiced by asking quesitons. Example: when you get in the car ask them to predict where they are going. If you pick up a book ask them what they think it's about.

    inferencing - is getting meaning from text or pictures based on prior knowledge. It can be used to figure out answer to questions or what will happen next in the story. 

    comprehension - is understanding and remembering what was read.  The best way to build comprehension skills is to ask open ended questions!   Use words like who, what , when, where and especially why.  Example: I saw the little yellow cat climbing up a tree to get away from a dog Saturday. Who- the cat  what- cliimbing  where - up the tree, when - Saturday, why -to get away from the dog.,