•       Welcome to the RES 5th Grade

    Learn from Home page! 

    Online Learning began March 30th. Please make sure your child is doing his/her assignments so they do not fall behind. Some of these assignments will be taken for a grade. 

    Please read the following information carefully to get started:

    1. Download the WEEKLY calendar by clicking on the left side of the page. A calendar will appear that tells you what you need to do each day of the week for each subject. We are in Week 3 this week.

    2. Your child will access ALL of their online requirements through their CLEVER account. Once they login to Clever, they will be able to open any of the programs they are being asked to use without any other login information with the exception of Odysseyware and McGraw Hill.

    3. Odysseyware requires a username and password. Username is first name + last initial. Password is student ID number.

    4. McGraw Hill should NOT require a login... However, SOME devices are asking for one. If it does, use your KCISD student email login as the USERNAME and KC+your Student ID number as the PASSWORD. The KC must be first and must be captialized. Please see Mrs. Sanchez's page for further information.

    5. Have your student join our Google Classrooms through their Clever account. Important information and assignments will be posted there. 

     As always please email Ms. Benavides, Ms. Kolenda, Mrs. Perales and Mrs. Sanchez with any questions you may have. Parents can also ask technology for help if it is a technical issue by emailing helpdesk@kcisd.net.


  • Click on the image or here to go straight to the Odysseyware website.


    USERNAME: first name + last initial

    PASSWORD: student ID number


    You can call the RES office or email their teacher if your students don't remember their number. 


  • Please take the time to log in to your Clever account and accept invitations to any Google Classrooms you have been invited to. Also, click on your other accounts to make sure you have access to your other programs. If there are any problems, email your homeroom teacher so we can get things up and running for you!