•    Welcome to the RES 5th Grade page! 


    ** Please be aware we no longer have a designated time to work with our virtual students, we are now teaching all day. All of us fifth grade teachers will do our best to post assignments and lessons, as well as return calls/emails, in a timely manner. We only ask that you please be patient with us during this time.**    


    Face to Face Students: 

    1. Masks are mandatory. Feel free to use your own masks if you would like, however, the school is also providing some as well. 

    2. Wipes and Santizer are available in each classroom and we are encouraging 20 second hand washing and social distancing as much as possible. 

    3. Please bring a clear bottle with water. Water fountains are turned off, and we will only be using bottled water at this time. 

    4. No campus visitors are allowed. This includes those parents who drop off lunch. Lunches will need to be sent with your child in the morning preferably in a paper sack. Those who forget their lunches will be given a cafeteria lunch. 

    5. No backpacks are permitted at this time. Students will be given supplies for school and a folder in which to take home each day. 

    6. Students will not be rotating classrooms, instead teachers will rotate. 

    7. School starts at 7:30 am, breakfast begins at 7:45 am in the classroom, and dismissal is at 3:20 pm.


    Virtual Students:

    1. Attendance for online learning begins Monday. In order to be counted present, student participation is required each day for each subject. This is a new school year and it will NOT be like the spring. Your student will have multiple classes and assignments to keep up with. Not logging in each day and completing the assigned work will result in being marked absent, as well as getting zeros for classwork.

    2. All online assignments will eventually be through Blackboard. This is our new online portal for classwork as we are no longer using Odysseyware. Our google classrooms and other resources used will all be linked to Blackboard. However, Blackboard is not quite ready, so students will need to go through their clever accounts to reach google classroom until instructed otherwise. 

    Here is the link to clever: https://clever.com/in/kcisd . The students will login with the same username and password as before. 

    3. Devices for all campuses can be checked out through the High School Library if you are in need of a device. 

    4. Online instruction will follow the classroom model as close as possible. 

    5. Please check our teacher pages on the school website, and/or our google classrooms for information for specific subjects. You can also reach out to each teacher individually. We ask that you please be patient with us as we are still learning the online platforms too. 


    All Parents:

    The fifth grade teachers will be using the Band App to keep in contact with all parents. Please click on this link to join with your email.5th grade class It will come as soon as we receive your contact information. The app is free and will allow us to send announcements to all as well as message parents directly. You can also scan the QR code. 

    Parents of Remote Students Use this Code:                                             Parents of Face to Face Students Use this Code: 

    Band app QR code                                                                                                                         QR Code


    We can also always be reached through email or phone. Just please be considerate if calling, as we are teaching face to face throughout the school day. The best time to call would be our conference time (1:30-2:30pm). 


    Thank you, 

    Fifth Grade Teachers 



     Ms. Benavides    830-780-2321 Ext 506 or direct line: 830-780-6506

     Ms. Kolenda        830-780-2321 Ext 507 or direct line: 830-780-6507

     Mrs. Perales        830-780-2321 Ext 508 or direct line: 830-780-6508

    (our names are a direct link to our emails)