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    We are so happy that you will be sharing your educational journey with us!

      Hello Parents, Guardians, & 4th Graders!

            Your 4th grade teachers and staff want you to know that WE MISS YOU and hope you are doing well at home with your families!  During this time of uncertainty, we want to continue to support your academic progress as we have already witnessed wonderful growth in the classroom this year.  Please continue to refer to the school webpage for further information and instructions.  We are here to answer questions and support the best we can during this everchanging time. 

          Online coursework for home learning will begin on March 30th. You can access a weekly assingments calendar by clicking on the LEARN FROM HOME DAILY WORK CALENDAR tab on the left side of this 4th grade home page.  Your teachers are available at the following e-mail addresses to help in this new adventure of learning from home. 

    - 4th Grade Teachers 


    • March 16th – 20th:  Activity packets were sent home for students to complete for instruction and educational practice for all subjects.
    • March 23rd – 27th: Activity packets will once again be sent home that contain wonderful activities prepared to support all student’s learning at home.  Home Learning March 23-March 27 Packet Information
    • March 30th – April 3rd: ONLINE instruction begins.  By that time, you will find a weekly calendar with assignments and activities posted here on the 4th grade webpage. You can access this calendar by clicking on the HOME LEARNING DAILY WORK CALENDAR tab on the left side of this 4th grade home page or the following link:   Home Learning Calendar March 30th - April 3rd    

                                                                                                         ENJOY LEARNING, BADGER BUDDIES! 

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