Kindness.....Cotton Balls and Sandpaper

Kindness……..Cotton Balls and Sand Paper

How can the way we speak help each other? How can it hurt? 

We're going to used our sense of touch to look at this closer!

….a cotton ball

Each child received a cotton ball. They touched them, squished them, and rubbed them on their arm. I asked how the cotton ball felt. We used descriptive words like soft, fluffy, and light.  “If words were cotton balls, what would they sound like?” The students shared, “ please, thank-you, May I borrow, can I help you?, good job, etc.”.

…sand paper

Each child was given a small square of sandpaper to feel. As they touched it, I asked them how the sandpaper felt. They used words like rough, poky, hard and sharp. I asked, “If words were sandpaper, how would it feel to have them rubbing on you?  The kids shared how the words would hurt. I then asked the students to give examples. They shared mean words, “get out of my way, give me that pencil, I don’t want to be your friend, move it is my turn.”  We discussed and shared how it hurts when people talk to us in a mean voice or say mean things. 

We began and ended the lesson with this video.


Thank you to for the idea.

Please continue to support the actions of using "cottonball" words at home.