Pennies and Lies

Quarters, Pennies and Lies

I filled a bowl halfway up with water. I explained that the quarter that I dropped into the bowl represented a lie that you tell. (Dropped the quarter into the bucket.) I then gave each student a penny. Each penny was to represent another lie that had to be told to cover up the original lie.

Each student then began to take turns dropping their penny into the bowl, while attempting to cover the quarter.

After everyone dropped their pennies, we look at the original lie, the quarter. Not one class was able to cover the quarter. The kids were amazed that all the pennies didn’t cover up the lie.  The object lesson was further explained; when we lie, we often try to cover up the lie with other lies.  BUT…. It doesn’t work and then we often get into more trouble.  The only way to cover the lie is by telling the truth!

Point of the lesson on lying—-telling a lie is not a good thing to do, and it is hard to cover up the lie and not get caught. The better course of action is try to be honest at all times, even if there are consequences for telling the truth.

Resource : and Pinterest for the idea.


To reinforce telling the truth, the students enjoyed the video


Be Honest/ Kids Songs/ Hip Hop Harry