Karnes City Primary School Closure

School Closure at Karnes City Primary

Karnes City Primary will be closed until further notice due to the health crisis. You will receive a Blackboard message when there is further news about restarting school.  Please check the website and/or Facebook for current updates.   The office will be closed from now until further notice.  We are thinking about all our families during this stressful time and doing everything we can to help!

At this time, meal delivery will continue to every home in the district reachable by bus.  The cafeteria is providing a breakfast and lunch to anyone between the age of 1-18.  If you have not received a meal, and would like one, please notify the office. 

Teachers have prepared lessons online.  Please check the school website under "KCISD Learning from Home" for that information.

The district technology department is providing computers and/or internet access for our students.  If he/she has an older sibling enrolled in the district, only one computer will be checked out per family. 

In the meantime, please try to keep your child in a routine, getting necessary amounts of sleep, and support them by helping with their schoolwork.  Young children need structure and stability in their lives, and this is a critical time to keep our parent-school relationship strong!

Teachers are available through email and Class Dojo/Remind, so you can keep in touch if your little one needs help or gets sad!  There will be someone available at Central Office if you need anything - don't hesitate to call!

Our love and prayers are with you all!  KCP Staff