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Stephanie Martinez Honored with UIL Sponsor Excellence Award

In an impressive statewide recognition, Stephanie Martinez of Karnes City High School has been named a 2023 UIL Sponsor Excellence Award Winner. This honor is bestowed upon only 15 academic sponsors throughout Texas, acknowledging the extraordinary commitment and success of these educators in guiding their students through the University Interscholastic League's rigorous academic competitions.

Martinez's selection for this distinguished award reflects her exceptional efforts and the positive outcomes of her students in UIL academic events. Her role as a sponsor has not only led to successful competition results but has also fostered an environment of academic excellence and personal growth among her students.

The Karnes City High School community is invited to celebrate this well-earned accolade alongside Stephanie. Her dedication to her role and the resulting impact on her students serve as an inspiration and a benchmark for excellence in educational mentorship.

For more details on the achievements of the 2023 UIL Sponsor Excellence Award winners and to read about Stephanie Martinez's contributions, visit the UIL website at the provided link: