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  • Parents:  Please return any library books that your student may have at home, along with completed assignments (make sure it is labelled with a student and teacher name).  There will be a dropbox in the KCP Foyer open Mon-Friday from 8:00-4:00.  THANK YOU!

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  • (Karnes City Primary is providing this information for parents during this health crisis and school closure.  If you have any specific questions, please call your teacher.)  

    Because the campus is unable to function normally, adjustments have been made to the grading policy to fit the situation for Learning At Home. Please understand that our staff are sympathetic to the challenges of home learning, but the Texas Education Agency is requiring that we continue to monitor student progress as much as possible, to the extent of assigning grades, progress reports and report cards.  They have been, however, very flexible in their requirements considering the health concerns in different parts of the state. 

    For this reason, the teachers and administrator have created the following policy guidelines to maintain compliance with the state, yet help you understand the expectations for your child.

    First Grade:

    The teachers will take a minimum of one grade per week in Reading and Mathematics.  Grades will be given on various components of instruction, such as returned packet work, time logged-in on iStation or ImagineMath, scores on online assessements, and participation in online lessons.  Teachers are able to monitor computer activity remotely, but parent cooperation will be needed for other assignments/activities.  For example, if your child completes an activity assigned online, take a picture and send it to the teacher through Class Dojo.  Or if he/she has completed any of the work in the paper packets sent home, please return it to the school for credit.

    Kindergarten & PreK:

    Typically, teachers assess students individually to measure acquired skills at 3, 6, & 9 weeks.  Since this is not possible, KCP will mail home the Skills Checklist, along with a letter from the teachers explaining what skills are expected at each grading period.  This is provided as a guide to help parents understand the skills that will be required for the next grade level (Kinder or 1st).  Parents are welcome to check off the skills as his/her child masters them.  PK & K students are also expected to log into Clever and participate in iStation & ImagineMath.  The campus has made every effort to make sure families have access to technology, and this is a component of your child's education that is very beneficial considering the circumstances. 

    The most important thing is for your child to continue to learn and grow!  Our staff are here to help, so expect them to check on the students and care about their progress.  Despite the unusual situation, we want our students to be prepared for success in the next grade and YOU are our partner in his/her education.

    We miss them dearly, and pray for everyone's health and well-being!

    Karnes City Primary Staff     

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  • Computer/iPads Available at Karnes City Primary!

    KCISD is providing a device for every family in the district that needs one.  If you have already received a computer and internet hotspot from another campus, you will not receive one from our campus.  If not, each of our first grade and kindergarten families will receive a Chromebook computer.  I am also happy to share that each student in our Prekindergarten will be issued an iPad to complete their lessons, regardless of an older sibling on another campus receiving a device.  

    I know this is somewhat confusing, so if you're not sure whether you are receiving a device, you are welcome to call the school or contact your teacher.

    Mrs. Dockery

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  • School Closure at Karnes City Primary

    Karnes City Primary will be closed until further notice due to the health crisis. You will receive a Blackboard message when there is further news about restarting school.  Please check the website and/or Facebook for current updates.   The office will be closed from now until further notice.  We are thinking about all our families during this stressful time and doing everything we can to help!

    At this time, meal delivery will continue to every home in the district reachable by bus.  The cafeteria is providing a breakfast and lunch to anyone between the age of 1-18.  If you have not received a meal, and would like one, please notify the office. 

    Teachers have prepared lessons online.  Please check the school website under "KCISD Learning from Home" for that information.

    The district technology department is providing computers and/or internet access for our students.  If he/she has an older sibling enrolled in the district, only one computer will be checked out per family. 

    In the meantime, please try to keep your child in a routine, getting necessary amounts of sleep, and support them by helping with their schoolwork.  Young children need structure and stability in their lives, and this is a critical time to keep our parent-school relationship strong!

    Teachers are available through email and Class Dojo/Remind, so you can keep in touch if your little one needs help or gets sad!  There will be someone available at Central Office if you need anything - don't hesitate to call!

    Our love and prayers are with you all!  KCP Staff 


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