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    Stranger Danger



    My mom, dad, and teachers talked to me about strangers.  I learned that a stranger is someone that you do not know or someone that makes you feel scared.


    A stranger may act very kind.  They might ask to play, go in their car, or give you candy.


    Even if it seems fun, you should always tell a stranger NO!  You can scream for help or run to a trusted person.


    You might feel bad for saying no to a stranger, but it is ok to be safe.



    It is always smart to play with a friend, sister, or classmate.  Having another person near you can make you feel safe it you see a stranger.


    If ever you get separated from your parents, go to a safe person and ask for help.  A safe person is a policeman, the lady at the cash register, or even another mom who has a kid.


    Being safe is important for your brain and body.  You can ask your mom and teacher to talk about strangers.  You can talk about different words to say when you feel unsafe.


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Mrs. Phyllis Pogue Vaughan