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    C: Choices    A: Are    R: Real    E: Everyday

    The week of March 4th  in C.A.R.E. time we watched a video about not giving up!  The kids may remember using the words, “The Power of Yet.”

    This is the link to a little video we used to start the lesson off.


    The students enjoyed the silent film.  With wonder and joyful expectation, they watched to see what would happen next. 

    Afterward, we had some great discussion about not giving up when they began to experience hard or challenging situations.  During these times were the opportunity to grow and become stronger, smarter, have perseverance and be better than before.  With things they might not be able to do, they could use their words to add the word…YET to the end of their sentences.

    Example:   I may not be able to ride my bike without training wheels, YET.

                     I might not be able to finish this book without help, YET.

                    I may not run that fast, YET.

                    I may not be that tall, YET.

    Encourage your child to gain the mindset of continuing to try!

    If you want a glimpse into our previous lessons, look over at my articles.

    School is an amazing safe place to learn and have fun! I am honored to be able to spend time with your children

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Mrs. Phyllis Pogue Vaughan