• Character  Time  


    Week 34 May 4-8 How to learn to accept No


    Girl no

    Boy no

    Week 33   April 27-May 1  


    Week 32   April 20-24



    Week 31   April 13-17 Video about the Princess and the Pea

    Good Day,  This is a little something fun to watch with some true words at the end. 

    Parents this may be an opportunity for you to share the orininal fairy tale if you would like.



    Week 30   April 6-10 Continue On-Line Learning 


    Week 29   March 30-April 3 On-Line Learning For Students ( Corona Virus )


    Piper Learns Something New

    This is a short video that helps you to realize during this time, you as students are learning new ways to do things, just like your teachers.

    Talk with your parents about 3 things you have learned or discovered while staying at home  Ask you parents 3 things they have learned or discovered about staying at home.



     Week 28   March 23-27  Packets For Students ( Corona Virus )

    Brain Break Yoga (1) Click


     Week 27   March 16-20 No School For Students ( Corona Virus )

    It is important to talk to your student about what is going on. They are hearing bits and pieces of what is being said and shared. 


    HERE IS A LINK TO HELP: https://momentousinstitute.org/blog/how-to-talk-to-children-about-coronavirus


     Week 26   March 9-13 Spring Break

    Week 25   March 2-6

    Dr. Suess Week with fun activites of; coloring, mazes, search and finds and being flexible with the different events.

    Pre-Kindergarten watched the video "SOAR".  Never Give Up!!



     Week 24   Feb 24-28 Kindness

    This Video was for Kindergarten and First grade only.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsjVUJMWzks    Deeper concept, we all need friends ...

    This was a video that the kids watched with awe.  The perceptions and insight they had of what occured and what it meant to them showed amazing empathy and understanding.  I so enjoy when the students can share and teach each other and it sparks an idea that another student can connect to.

    Pre-Kindergarten viewed one of the videos from the previous week. (as they see only one in a session) The connection they had with their world around them, as they watched the man show kindness,  revealed their growth as they are learning to look around them not just at themselves.

    Week 23   Feb 17-21 Kindness

    This week the students had the opportunity to view some videos that dealt with Kindness and acts of kindness.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wi0UWLeT9I  puppy, bird, and giving

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdYJr03eJjE    grown man and random acts of kindness

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6v8OPX4p1A  Man buys cake and so on

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enaRNnEzwi4  Sesame street kindness song


    It is marvelous to watch a student's eyes light up when they have an "aha" moment as they understand a concept  or get the jest of a video.  This happened this week for many of the students as we watched, asked, talked, and shared.  

    We deepened the understanding of the circular pattern of giving kindness, by holding up our left hand and making the shape of a "C" .  We then discussed the next event in the story we watched and held up the right hand making a "C". We held our two hands together which completed a circle.  The goal was to engage the students and help them understand, when we give kindness results often lead to our recieving kindness and so on... the circular pattern continuing.  

    Pre-K recieved a Kindness challenge sheet to take home.  Enjoy discussing and participating in the kindness challenge with your children!

    Week 22   Feb 10-14 A Wrinkled Heart 

    The Wrinkled Heart is an activity to teach students how our feelings and behaviors affect others. 

     wrinkled heart

    We started out with a nice red heart with the word feelings written on it.  I began by saying unkind things and acts that could hurt someone’s feelings, while each time crumpling a section of the heart. Once the heart was now in a crumpled ball in my hand I asked the students how we could get it back to "normal". The students then began to give encouraging words, kind comments, and helpful action examples.  I began to unfold the heart, yet we recognized the wrinkles that couldn't totally be taken away. Perhaps over time the wrinkles could be smoothed out.  I wanted the students to truly understand that what we say and do can have a lasting affect on others. 

    We finished off with this coloring sheet that the students were able to take home and color for the week of Valentines.

    Friendship Freebie {A Wrinkled Heart} {Beginning of the Year Activity}


    Week 20 & 21  Tattling vs. Telling  Jan 27-31 and Feb 3-7


    Have you ever said to a child, maybe even your own, "Quit tattling!" Does your child know the difference between tattling and telling?  In character, we will talk about the difference between the two and discuss examples of both.  

    A powerpoint will be used with specific examples along with discussion.  Asking the question to your child/student, " Is anyone hurt? Is anyone going to be hurt?" helps them think through the concept.  I used basic words that start with the letter "B" when they should tell an adult!

    Broken Bones, Blood, Bruise, Barfing, Bullying, and Breaking (something that belongs to someone else)

    telling slide

    Tattling is most often when a student is trying to get someone in trouble.

    tattling slide

    STOP! That's Not Cool....Week of Jan 21-25

    In Character along with the support of the staff in class, we are trying to teach the students to use their word's and let others know how they feel;  " Stop! That's not cool!  or  Stop! I don't like that!"  This helps give power to the student and it also helps them learn how to work through life's situations.  Plus the teachers know to look around and see what is going on if they hear a student say these phrases.

    stop thats not cool



    Week 18-19 Emotions, Feelings and Coping Skills  Weeks of Jan 8-17 

    The students will be matching snowman faces to emotional words.  Through this game we will all begin to identify facial expressions and body language with specific vocabulary words. The lesson will continue as the students begin to understand that they are in charge of their emotions and they have the ability to deal with those emotions.  As adults we use the words coping skills. 

     snowmen emotions




    Week 15 & 16 Guest Speakers with Comal County  Week of Dec 2-6 & 9-13

    The team will share lessons on Boundaries, Emotions and Self Control

    Week 14 Being Thankful  Week of Nov 18-22

    thankful game

    Did you ever play the game Pick-up Sticks as a kid? This is a homemade version of Pick-up Sticks, with a twist.

    With this game, each time you pick up a stick you have to name something you are grateful for. Each color represents a different type of thing. It’s a great way to get the kids really thinking, in different ways, about all that they can be grateful for!

    To play, you hold all of the sticks in your hand and drop them. They will fall randomly and that is great. Then each player takes a turn pulling a stick from the pile. You cannot make any other sticks move or you lose your turn and do not get to collect the stick. Everyone wins in this game!

    The twist; when you pick up a stick you must say something you are thankful for according to the stick color and the chart provided. ……If you move a stick, you still get to say something you are thankful for.


    Week 11and 13 Germs! Germs! Germs!

    A fun activity to help the students understand a simple way germs spread began our classes when I greeted them at the door with high fives (with glitter on my hands).  Many looked at their hands and realized the glitter came from me.  Such an easy discussion followed and the experience became even more real when the only way to get the glitter off was to wash our hands with soap and water! A video was enjoyed as we learned even more....



    Week 10 Red Ribbon Week

    With our Primary students, my goal for Red Ribbon Week was to help the students understand the difference between Medicine and "Drugs" We had a video that went along with our lesson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyN24KJUQzU&list=RD9Ih4tBBiPTc&index=3


    Week 7 - 9 started a new unit on Manners.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1WJnbJDTS0  This video is a simple yet powerful example of using our manners.

    It is enjoyable to watch the students put into practice that which they are learning.


    Week 6 we moved into a Growth Mindset and the similarities with the power of YET!

    The video enjoyed was titled "Soar"  https://vimeo.com/148198462


    Week 5 continues "The Power of YET!"  

    Pip the Puppy Video was really enjoyed by the students.  They were able to relate to the puppy being small but still helping and making a difference when he didn't give up!



    Week 4 we began our series, "The Power of YET!"

    The students had fun with a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLeUvZvuvAs

    we then discussed and related "The power of YET" in their lives.  We are learning that we don't give up and quit, but we try again and change our brain to hear ourselves say, "I don't know how to do this, YET!"


    Week 3 our lesson was, "What is a friend?"

    We reviewed qualities of a good friend. The class held their hand up as if it were a mirror and used the concept of looking in the mirror to see what we saw.  Did we see a person that was friendly, helpful and kind? 


    Did we see someone who was mean, grumpy, and selfish?

    Week 2 our lesson was, "Stop that's not cool!" 

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