• KCISD First Day Back to School August 10, 2020

    First Day back to school at KC Primary

    For those of you sending your children to school on Monday, here are some tips to help your child's first day of school successful.

    Our doors will open at 7:30 am and school starts at 8:00 am.  The tardy bell rings at 8:00 am.  Breakfast will be served from 7:45-8:15 every day in your child's classroom.  You may drop your child off, but you will not be permitted to enter the building.  We will have plenty of staff to help your child get to their classrooms.  

    Please do not send back a backpack, and it is best to send lunch in a throw-away sack.  

    The school day is over at 3:30, and the car line will start at 3:20.  Please bring your driver's license to verify your identity on the first day.  We will send pick up cards home with your child.  

    We thank you for entrusting Karnes City Primary School with the education of your child.  

    First day back to school at RES Elementary

    Our staff are eager and ready to begin a great year of growing and learning! There are just a few details to share with you about the first day of school.

    The morning bell will ring at 7:55 am and dismissal will be at 3:25 pm. The campus opens at 7:30, so please do not drop off students before then. You are welcome to drop off your child, but visitors will not be allowed in the classrooms for safety reasons. At dismissal, our bus and car rider procedures will remain the same as last year. However, please do not leave your car – we will bring your child to you!

    Remember, all students will receive a free breakfast and lunch this year! You can send a lunchbox with your child in the morning if you prefer. Also, you can send a water bottle or container for your child to keep on his/her desk as we won’t be using water fountains.

    Don’t worry about supplies or a backpack. The school has already purchased supplies for the students to help our families during this stressful time. We also have face coverings for all students as well.


    First Day for Karnes City Junior High

    For face to face instruction, doors to the junior high will open at 7:30 in terms of receiving students.  If you’re dropping students off earlier than 7:30 AM, please be sure to inform your child to practice social distancing and to wear their mask while outside with other students.  Drop off students and walkers will enter the building in the front of the school, their temperatures will be checked upon entry.  Bus riders will enter through the back door by the junior high gym, their temperatures will be checked prior to getting on the bus.  If students’ temperature exceeds 100.0 degrees they will not be able to ride the bus or attend school that day.


    Upon entering, students will receive their schedule and proceed to their first-period classroom.  The first-period bell will ring at 7:55 and the tardy bell will ring at 8:00.  During first period, teachers will discuss all safety expectations with students.  A staggered release will take place at the end of the day.  3:35 for bus riders, 3:38 for car riders, and 3:40 for walkers.

    For asynchronous students, teachers will post PowerPoint presentations and any other documents referencing campus expectations, teacher classroom/curriculum expectations, and syllabus to Blackboard or it will be emailed to student KCISD email accounts and the parent email on file.  The documents will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or a word document for students to review the information.   Please look for this communication from your students’ teacher on Monday morning or prior. 

    First Day for Karnes City High School

    Karnes City High School Students and Parents we are excited to welcome you back to the 2020-2021 school year. School starts Monday for our face-to-face and online students. This message is a reminder of some of our first day procedures. Each student returning to the campus for instruction will need to wear a mask. Social distancing guidelines are in effect. The high school dress code is in effect.

    Doors to the high school will open at 7:30 AM at which time students will be able to enter the building for COVID 19 screening and then students are to report to their first-period class. Schedules will be handed out to students upon arrival is they have not already been picked up. Students are not allowed to congregate. Drop-offs and drivers will enter the campus through the main high school entrance and bus riders will enter the building through the north entrance.