• Online guidance lessons

    Parents and students-

    Week 1- What does a school counselor do?  
    Watch the video to see what the school counselor Mrs. Johns does at Karnes City Primary.  

    meet the counselor video

    Week 2 - STAR Badger / follow the classroom rules.
    Review the importance of following rules at school and while learning virtually.  

    STAR Badger school rules

    Week 3- STOP, that's not cool.  
    For week 3, we discussed when students would tell other students to stop when they are acting inappropriately or harming others.  

    STOP that's not cool video week 3 lesson

    PDF handout week 3 lesson

    Week 4- wrinkled heart/ What is a friend?  
    For week 4, we discussed what a friend does and does not do.  We used a paper heart to show how our words and actions can impact our feelings.  

    wrinkled heart (What is a friend?) video

    Week 5- friendship (continued) 
    For week 5, we discussed further what a friend does for others.  

    friendship video

    Week 6- The Power of Yet 
    For week 6, we discussed the power of YET.  It is important for students to learn about the growth mindset and how not to "give up" when something gets difficult.  

    The Power of YET video
    Sesame Street- Power of YET

    Week 7 and 8- The Power of YET (continued) 
    For weeks 7 and 8, students will watch a video about Pip the Puppy.  Pip believes in the power of YET and never gives up!  

    The Power of YET video (weeks 7 and 8)
    Pip the Puppy video

    Weeks 9, 10, and 11- Tattling versus Telling
    For weeks 9 though 11, students will evaluate when it is truly a time to tell the teacher something important versus "tattling."  
    The key question to ask is:  Is this a big problem?  Or a little problem?  Is someone hurt, in danger, or needs help?  

    lesson tattling versus telling

    Week 12- The Color Monster / Emotions (story telling) 
    For week 12, students listened to the story The Color Monster.  The story helps students identify how or what they may be feeling.  Then, once students know what they are feeling, they can better process and handle their emotions properly.  

    Emotions- The Color Monster
    The Mood Walk blazer fresh

    Week 14 and 15- washing hands and The Thankful Game
    For our week 14 activity, students learned about the importance of washing hands and preventing germs from spreading to others.  The next week, we played the Thankful Game with sanitized pick up sticks as well as washed hands.  

    Week 14 & Week 15 wash hands Thankful Game

    Thankful Game

    Week 16- listening Howard B. Wigglebottom
    For week 16, students will discuss the importance of listening in the classroom as well as outside for the classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to see how listening impacts the life of Howard B. Wigglebottom.  

    Week 16 listening Howard B. Wigglebottom

    Week 17- "Light Up" someone's day!  
    This week, students thought of ways they could "light up" someone's day similar to how Christmas trees are lit up during the holiday season!  

    Breathing Activity video

    Square Breathing video from Go Noodle

    Week 18- (school closure) breathing activities

    Week 19 and Week 20- school closure/ holiday break 

    Week 21- start of the spring semester 

    Week 22 and 23- Kindness and cotton ball words versus sand paper words
    Kindness and compassion matters.  This week, we learned about how the words we use can have an impact.  Some words sound like soft and fuzzy cotton ball words.  Others sound like gritty and rough sand paper words.  

    Kindness sand paper versus cotton ball words

    Week of February 1st through February 12th 
    Black History Month
    Students learned about how we can celebrate and embrace our differences!  At one point in our history, people who had different looking skin were not always given fair and equal opportunities.  These next two weeks, students learned about important leaders who helped others see we must all be treated fairly...no matter what our skin, eyes, or hair may look like.

    Celebrate our differences

    February 15th through February 19th
    no guidance lessons

    February 22nd through February 26th 
    no guidance lessons

    March 1st through March 5th 
    Mindfulness/ "In the Now"
    Students read a book with Mrs. Johns and discussed the importance of mindfulness...otherwise known as being "in the now."  When we feel overwhelmed, it is important to take deep belly breaths and notice how we are feeling that moment.  In order to feel better, we must feel in control of the situation.  

    Mindfulness book "What is in your mind today?"

    March 8th through March 12th 
    Spring Break at KCISD

    March 15th through March 19th 
    Spaghetti Body and "I like myself!" 
    What can a student do to make themselves feel less mad or frustrated?  This week, we read a story about Betti Spaghetti.  She used a great technique to feel better after feeling mad.  KCP students can practice spaghetti body at anytime.  Afterwards, we read the book "I Like Myself" and practiced positive affirmations with one another.  

    Spaghetti Body

    Affirmations KCP students

    March 22nd through March 26th
    I am the boss of my body!
    This week, STAR Badgers at Karnes City Primary discussed their own body boundaries at school and at home.  We discussed body ownership as well as respectful relationships with one another. 

    Body Boundaries & Respect  

    March 29th through April 1st
    The What-Ifs
    This week, the STAR Badgers at KCP will learn about the what-ifs.  How can what ifs control our minds?  Can we control them back and think of good thoughts?  We explore the book with Cora and see how we can control our worries.  

    The What Ifs lesson

    April 5th through April 9th 
    Yoga / Strong Mountain
    Yoga is a great way to connect your body and mind and help with mindfulness!  This week, join Mrs. Johns as she teaches STAR Badgers basic yet effective yoga moves for relaxation.

    Yoga moves with Mrs. Johns

    April 12th through April 16th 
    Telling the Truth 
    This week, the STAR Badgers and Mrs. Johns discuss the importance of telling the truth.  We read two books about the topic- The Empty Pot and Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on his Back. 

    Telling the Truth

    April 19th through April 23rd
    No to unsafe touches
    Mrs. Johns will review with the STAR Badger group what a safe touch is versus an unsafe touch.  We will all practice how to say no to unsafe touches. 

    No to unsafe touches

    April 26th through April 30th
    Teacher appreciation preparation 
    (no guidance lessons)