• English and Language Arts

    Language Arts:

    High Frequency Words:  night, better, far, also, ready

    Grammar Skill:

     PHONICS – Bossy R-or

    Reading:    Story:  There was an Old Lay Who Swallowed a Chick


    We want you to know that our students will be reading more graded work on their own. This may affect their grade. Please encourage your child to try their best and ask for help with words they are unfamiliar with. Thank you for your continued support in helping us teach your child.




    We will be learning how to write and read a great word problem.

    Get a book and have your child find pages that you call out to them. Tell them the number is greater than that page or less than that page when they are on the wrong page. As they get better, you can time them and get them to beat their earlier time.


    Vocabulary Words:

    How many? Altogether. How many left


    We will learn about parts of our body. “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” What does our body do for us? How do we keep it healthy?


    Science Vocabulary Words

    Parts of the body

    Bones- the skeletal structure that holds us up

    Muscles- Muscular structure helps us move

    Lungs- Respiratory system helps us breathe


    Social Studies

    The students will learn about holidays and traditions that are celebrated.

    Social Studies Vocabulary Words

    Tradition-something families do that is passed down through generations

  • Important Information

    • School begins at 7:50. Please make sure your child is here on time.  They will be tardy after 7:50. Thank you!
    • Breakfast is from 7:30-7:50.  Lunch is from 12:05-12:35
    • If you bring a treat for your child’s birthday, Please notify the teacher beforehand.
    • Your child may bring a nutritious snack for afternoon if you desire.
    • Please sign in at the office any time you visit any part of the school. This helps us protect our children.
    • Please call the office at 780-2321 ext 600 to let us know if your child will be absent on the day he or she is absent.
    • ACE main goal is to focus on tutorials. Homework assistance may occur, but homework may not get completed. Please check your child’s folder daily and help with any homework that is not done. *********

    Nurse Notes

    • Any medication needs to be taken by parent to the nurse in the original container or bag. (ex:  cough drops)
    • Students may not have Chapstick. It needs to be taken to nurse’s office.
    • All medication needs to be picked up by a parent. Any medication left at the end of the school year will be destroyed.

    Transportation Notes

    Transportation changes MUST BE accompanied with a note from the parent /guardian.  Please turn in a note to the teacher first thing in the morning. 

    All last minute transportation changes need to be called in before 1:00 p.m.

    Visitors are asked to park in the designated parking spaces.


    Important Dates 

    Wed 4/25 Administrative Assistant’s Day Fri 5/4 1st Grade visit to RES

    Mon 5/7 PTO Meeting at RES Tues 5/8 National Teacher Appreciation Day

    Wed 5/9 Nurse’s Day Fri 5/11 Last Day of ACE Fri 5/18 EAFK Ceremony; 1st to see Sleeping Beauty