Hello parents!

    Please tell our students we are thinking of them and hope to see them soon. If you have any questions please feel free to email or Dojo message us. We will be working from home Mondays- Fridays 8-4. We are happy to help with any educational needs you may have.

    Please use clever to access istation (online reading program) and Imagine Math (online Math program). We ask that your child try to get 15-30mins daily on both istation and Imagine Math if possible. If your child has Core5/Lexia, please have them try to get on that as well for 15-30mins daily.

    Parents- Thank you for partnering with us to help continue your child’s educational journey. We are here to help make this transition as easy on you and your child as possible. Please feel free to contact us! 

    Debbie Diaz              780-2321, Ext 612       ddiaz@kcisd.net       

    Sabrina Lewallen   780-2321, Ext 613         slewallen@kcisd.net  

    Candice Dragon      780-2321, Ext 614       cdragon@kcisd.net     

    Diane Dziuk            780-2321 Ext 615         dmdziuk@kcisd.net